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Tuesday, 06 May 2014 20:31

Warta Papua Barat, 07/05/' 14 -The official statement supported and attitude is made by SHDRP, to Boycott the Indonesia presidential election or political activities in the land of West Papua. The Chairman of the SOLIDARITY law, Human Rights and Democracy the Civilians of West PAPUA (SHDRP) Usama Usman Yogoby, makes the official support and statement.

The position of Indonesia and the Government of Republic Indonesia (NKRI) above the land of the West Papua is treason or disloyalty, and then all programs and activities in the run up to the land of Papua are ILLEGAL.

West Papuan people's life is hunted, threatened and mostly demolished everything by Indonesian government. More over now, the Indonesian government has been forced the West Papuan to come under Indonesian’s rules s. The Indonesia imposes State of Papua Indonesia joined under pressure Military in May 1, 1963.


The Indonesians government does not recognize the West Papuan people as a human being, but treat us as animals and we are still living under slavery and colonialism of the Indonesia. Therefore  we West Papuan are highly supported and made this statement based on Mr Benny Wenda that he represented as Free West Papua Campaign internationally and on behalf of the West Papuan people for the BOIKOT the presidential election in 2014, Alliance University and students of West Papua in Jakarta, Organization of University in the City of Jawa, Makars, Mando elsewhere in West Papua, Committee National West Papua(KNBP) and thought people of West Papua in different direction of the regencies from Sorong to Samary.

The Chairman of the SOLIDARITY law, Human Rights and Democracy the Civilians of West PAPUA (SHDRP) Usama Usman Yogoby announced to the people of West Papua, that we are not allowed to vote or BOYCOT of the election coming, he said. He appealed to all the people of West Papua do not to participate in the Indonesia presidential election politics in Papua with a dignified ways that did not enter directly into the polling station (TPS) and penetrating.

Indonesian’s Political policy in the land of West Papua is not giving priority to people of West Papua in living as other human being but it is the only interests of domination and colonialism.

We also would like to announce to the people of West Papua "conscious and struggling under Colonization of Indonesia, it is ongoing issues in West Papua".

We are deciding our nation called the West Papua. We are the landowner and living on our mother earth to the land of the ancestors.

West Papuan People must be aware of our history, which has stated that we had our own country, nation.

Therefore, The Boycott is significant for West Papua to demand our destiny of self-determination. I believe that all your prayers and unity makes thing changed. BOICOTT INDONESIAN PRECIDENCIAL ELLECTION IN WEST PAPUA.(Telius Yikwa/Translate by Jed Lod)


Jayapura, 5 April 2014

Chairman  of SHDRP


Usama Usman Yogoby

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