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Written by Telius Yikwa   
Friday, 10 October 2014 22:45


Warta Papua Barat,   --Amnesty International continues to receive credible reports of violations of human rights that occur throughout Papua. Government of Indonesia is considered to be inconsistent with applicable human rights obligations.


In this context, human rights violations by the security forces is the failure of the Indonesian government to re-Indonesia and the people of Papua. Assign a priority agenda on human rights becomes very complex for the Indonesian government.


So for a new government that has ever happened in the history of anything, they are not responsible for the filling of independence, such as restrictions on the right of expression and religion as well as the transfer of peaceful political activists, especially brothers in Papua and Aceh.

Also still ongoing oppression, discrimination against women and the ongoing marginalization of indigenous Papuans and omissions in all lines. Even the death penalty was held for the people of Papua from 1969 until today.


Then, there is no progress at all in making the necessary reforms in the areas of law and policy to illuminate impuinitas and completion of infringing on human rights in the past, especially crime under Indonesian law and international law. It is expected to be elected president Jokowi able to respond to the situation of human rights issues within the framework of the Republic of Indonesia in Papua campaigns through mass media.


Amnesty called on the new persiden RI to have to hold a follow-up commitment in favor of human rights agendas following, if they want to hold the government of Papua in Indonesia next corridor:
  1.  Ensure human rights by the security forces.
  2.  Respect and protect the freedom of thought, argued and religion.
  3.  uphold the right to freedom of expression.
  4. Enforcing the rights of women.
  5.  Respect for human rights in Papua
  6.  Ending the use of the death penalty.
  7.  Promote and protect human rights in Papua.


Infringing on Human Rights in Papua

Unitary Republic of Indonesia was never negligent conduct infringing on human rights in Papua. There is a concrete reality that Papuans anywhere anytime and killed like animals by Indonesia.


Infringing on human rights occurred again on Friday, 08.20.2014 at Sorong, Martinus Yohame conducted by Indonesian Kopassus.
Other cases in the past on Friday, 05.16.2014 at Waena Jayapura. There were three people were arrested, beaten and imprisoned in this tragic event.


The arrest led AKPB Alfred Papare S.Ik and Kiki Kurnia, deputy police chief in the town Jayapuara Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Social and Political Science University of Paradise (BEM Fisip Uncen).


Actions taken by Alfred Papare with Kiki Kurnia very unprofessional. It must be as law enforcement officers, you have to know the rules. You do not take simbolitas as law enforcement, but need to know the values ​​of law enforcement, which you should apply or not to the public.


after the Police Regulation No. 8 of 2009 on implentasi principles and human rights standards in the administration of the national police duties, asserted that law enforcement is to protect, nurture and protect and respect the rights of every person, both to the public, officials and students and faculty.


However, from the beginning until now, the reality of what happens is torture, imprisonment, inhumane beatings, harassment and humiliation of human dignity and worth more specifically to activists Papuan independence fighters. That is all wrong.


The same events, even excessive also occur on the West Papua in October in front of the gate Uncen 10/16/2013 Abepura, Papua. At that time, the rejection of Special Autonomy Plus performed by the youth movement, students, activists, students and citizens as well as governments with military / police action was not inferior to slaughter. There was an arrest over student Uncen, Unibersitas Ottow and Gesler, STIKOM Muhammadiyah, University of Science and Technology Jayapura (USTJ) and a number of students from across campus in the city of Jayapura. They are the victims of military violence as many as 160 people. That is the nature of the Homeland for Papua.


Such a situation has been publicized through mass media there. All actions Homeland do it all media. Local, national and international. Publication government violence that was carried out by humanitarian agencies, including the National Human Rights Commission, ELSHAM, even Amnesty International. Again, the media is also becoming a widespread publication Homeland violence against the Papuans. Therefore, it is no exaggeration when HE Mr Moana Calcases Kolosil, Prime Minister of Vanuatu has been and is being brought problems to the annual session of the UN Papua.


Despite the hard knocks of Vanuatu to the Indonesian government's actions in Papua for this, but just the same, Papua conditions unchanged. 

The government even kill people of Papua in a way that is more heinous and the action again. Indonesia does not feel guilty and also increased the head stone even though there rebuke from foreign countries including Vanuatu.


Another example is, on 05.20.2014, the Papuans who are members of Youth and Students Solidarity of Papua (Solpap) decreased expression above is responsible for requesting immediate tribal war in Timika, which resulted in the victim Timika residents who are not few in number. Rumored that 105 indigenous Papuans in Timika being killed by the government to manipulate society tribes in Timika.


Who became actors and protagonists of the conflict is the military / police and the Indonesian government and Freeport. Because of the actions taken by Solpap a moral and faith demands to the Governor and the Deputy Governor of Papua and Papua Police and the military commander to act promptly resolve these conflicts.


Indeed, the humanitarian mission was always regarded as a foolish act by the government. This stupid view expressed by the government when the government faces in front Solpap Dormitory Timika at 09:00 am WPB. They say, Governor, Police and Pandam currently not in place, police said Papua Police envoy to face stony.


Whereas the Governor and his staff are already in office. Reasons expressed by the police is not new to us Papuans. Actually they want to silence the humanitarian mission as events Papuans in Timika conflict between ethnic Migani, Mee and Dani, Damal, Dauwa it is the setting of BIN, Bais, Intelligence, Lemisi, BMP, and LMRI as well as government and PT. Freeport.


How thieves admit that I am a thief when judged in public? So it is very understandable that the police make no logical reason. More clearly, the police forbade us to go down the road or a long march. All of this will clearly illustrate the existence of acts of violence against the Homeland Papua from year to year.

For the people of Papua, all the bad cases (infringing on human rights) it has become a daily experience.


This experience is usually referred to as a memorial passionis, that never will be forgotten from the memory of the people of Papua because not only happen once. But bitter experience that contains many millions of infringing bad that is not reworded.


Papuan People always ask, when the conflict will end? Or whether the international community would love HAM also think that the people of Papua should be finished with endless Bird of Paradise and gold in Papua? Is there a policy action by the United Nations to solve the conflict as a whole for the sake of Papua Papua Peace?



Writteen by  : Mudestus Musa Boma

Editor      : Telius Yikwa

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